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Profine GmbH – International Profile Group – is the number one company in the manufacture of PVC profiles, based in Germany and present in more than 20 countries.

The Profine Group anticipates the future and stands out by placing the emphasis on innovation and the development of new and sustainable solutions in the industry.

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EuroFutur Elegance Window System

KÖMMERLING windows manufactured using this system incorporate the latest advances in profile engineering to achieve the highest levels of insulation and resistance. EuroFutur Elegance is the newest generation of KÖMMERLING profiles, with a performance that exceeds all levels known till now.

Yet EuroFutur Elegance not only stands out for its technical characteristics, but it also boasts refined aesthetics in soft shapes. With an extensive variety of frames, panes and accessories, this system provides solutions for all kinds of styles while giving a touch of distinction to any ambiance.

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  • The U value of thermal transmission of the EuroFutur Elegance profile is 1.3W/m2K.
  • The U value of thermal transmittance of a window with EuroFutur Elegance combined with special glasses can reach a U value of 0.8W/m2K.
  • With this level of transmittance, it is possible to achieve a 70% reduction in energy losses and reduce the energy demand of a home by up to 40%.

These windows provide optimum sound insulation ranging from Rw,p = 34 dB to values of more than 45 dB with the right glass combination, ensuring protection against noise under the most extreme conditions. Considering that with traditional sliding window systems it barely exceeds 25 dB, the improvement in quality of life is considerable.

KÖMMERLING 76 Window System

The KÖMMERLING 76 system is intended for both doors and windows and goes one step beyond current systems used in the trade, offering significant advances and improvements: With 6 sealed air chambers, his system achieves a thermal transmittance Uf-value of 1.0W/m2K in a profile of only 76mm in depth and visual appearance of lightness, thereby optimising the materials used and the manufacturing process itself.


The most efficient system

With 6 watertight air chambers, it achieves a thermal transmittance Uf value of 1.0 W/m2K in a profile only 76 mm deep. And thanks to it, the window insulation can reach a Uw value of up to 0.73 W/m2K.

Eliminates noise input

The system starts from an R-value of 34 dB sound reduction with normal glass and can be reduced by up to 48 dB with special acoustic glass. The depth of the rebate to accommodate acoustic glass is up to 48 mm thick.

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